Monday, July 11, 2011

Musings on Maori Language Week

Maori language week has come and gone, Ho Hum!
The usual cry goes out from the racist fascists that the teaching of  Maori should be made compulsory.
Don Brash, and his not-so-merry men,  have upset the same radicals and apologists by publishing their ad telling us what we all ready know! A plus is that they didn't get us to pay for it as they did with their rung-less ladder ad.
When will this nonsense stop? With a week of  TV presenters being so PC and mispronouncing Maori place names it is a great pity these same presenters could not pay a little more attention to their English.
All so much nonsense! The bull shit of every Government publication having a translation of title. In a language that few speak, to attempt to translate the complexities of modern society into a stone age language is a complete waste of time and money.
Yes, it doesn't come free.  As an example, the catalogue, signing, and posting of  a modern library into both English and Maori costs approximately $1/2m. Why bother?   All the books are in English. It is  just another way to waste the ratepayers hard earned tax dollar .
The only way to learn a language is over the breakfast tsble.         

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