Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maybe there is a message?

Maybe there is a message, I note one of the major Socialist Party's bill board have the top two inches removed from the candidates head.
Is this indicative of any thing?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Only a Stray Bottle

I am astounded at the moral torpor shown by Law Society President Jonathan Temm with his comment. "It's a $70 bottle of Champagne. It's not a legal issue. It's not a story."
I am sorry Mr. Temm, the misappropriation of property by a senior Police Officer is very much a story.  It is with out doubt  theft i.e. the removal anything without the consent or lawful authorisation of the owner is theft -be it a bottle of champagne or a $2 can of  Lion Red.

The fact that it was in the fridge of  Rod Petricevic  indicates that it was in all probability  his property or the property of his estate if he is a bankrupt. 

I find it reprehensible that a police officer should  remove any  property and  later convert it to his own use.